Healden Grove (Wyvern)



I could show you the FINANCIAL FORECASTS for any number of the businesses I work with, but frankly there are more interesting things to be found across the internet!


Here are pieces of MARKETING work that I have produced for two of my clients.

1) For Nick Long at The Original Cotswold Travel Company.

Nick Long keeps coming to Healden Grove for assistance.

  • I have sold his business once,
  • helped him win a court case against the buyer when payments stopped,
  • driven through the re-launch of the business,
  • and designed his website  -  go to www.theoriginalctc.co.uk

Here's a piece of marketing work that looks absolutely stunning when Nick uses it as a postcard to his many clients. The style is consistent with the presentation of his website.


2) For No-Ke.

At No-Ke, where I

  • established the website, 
  • oversaw the accounting, product costing and pricing,
  • and produced most of the marketing literature,

advertising in equestrian magazines was an important stage in the development.


Here is an eye-catching advertisement I designed for the No-Ke products to feature in the trade press.