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Our Projects:

     From Lead Generation to Development Funding  - 

from Webshop Build to Stock Management      


In many ways there are no typical projects. It is the nature of the clients that is typical - as a consequence of size they lack mixed resources and varied experience.


To Healden Grove clients it is not fancy words that matter. It is not the language of business colleges - strategies, diversification, rationalisation and the like. It is simply the confidence that comes from having a colleague with whom you can debate options, who will explain alternatives, who will give hands-on assistance to make things happen.

If a small business needs help, it will not welcome a long bound report that will gather dust in a drawer. If a small business needs help, it needs hands-on help.


      Brian Symonds inspires confidence






Healden Grove (Wyvern) undertook a project for Country Matters. When the proprietor died suddenly several months later, the first person to whom his widow turned for assistance with the business was Brian Symonds, because she was confident he could handle it and see to her best interests.










When Robert Tart wanted a website for a development range with the work funded partly by Business Link, he insisted that Brian Symonds should do the work rather than Business Link’s nominee because he was confident the project would

 1  be delivered faster,
 2   need less input from him, and
 3  reflect his preferred style immediately, and more so than any style  developed by a stranger to the business

    Brian Symonds brings a breadth of experience




Having being employed at senior levels in large businesses for some 20 years and worked with small ones for around 18 years, Brian Symonds brings to any business the right way to do things but tailored for the strengths and capacity of the client.





Take No-Ke for example. The owner had a proposal to build a webshop for £8,000. Brian’s experience pointed the owner to sites you can build yourself for a little time and a very small monthly hosting fee.







Take Tart’s Cars again. Robert had always passed his vouchers to an accountant to prepare his company’s annual figures. He had absolutely no financial information between times. His wife did quarterly VAT work at home after completing her day’s employment elsewhere. Healden Grove (Wyvern) pointed out how other small businesses use Sage, Quickbooks and similar, advice which his bank and his accountant had never given him while they charged for their services. With Quickbooks installed, Mr Tart has information, and Mrs Tart has an easier life! 


 HANDS-ON     Brian Symonds can handle a large variety of projects

But until he sits and talks to you, he does not know which hat to wear. Healden Grove (Wyvern) has handled client businesses that are very different by type and calling for projects that are very different in solution. Some projects are short-term, others see Healden Grove used for several years. Whatever the field in which you need assistance, if we can do anything, we will do it efficiently, effectively and professionally.

Our varied experience brings with it substantial commercial acumen.

      Shouldn't you tap into it?

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