Healden Grove (Wyvern)




Here is a sample of Healden Grove's clients:


Public House

with restaurant and accommodation




Marketing and financial control:

Consistent sales increases over 18 months ensured the success of this venture, which had been at the risk of forced sale




Sports Equipment Distributor

Long-term on-going client with a Partnership and a Limited Company

General and regular business advice including:

stock management

Secretary of the Limited Company

all planning, budgeting and forecasting

projections achieve regular peak-season uplift in bank facilities





Travel Company

Long-term on-going client - a Sole Trader

Work includes:

Design and management of website

Installation of online booking system

Design of brochures and fliers

Some client liaison booking airport transfers and Cotswold Tours








Engineering and Manufacturing

Limited Company

Designed and built webshop

Installed accounting system

Organised product costing and pricing  

Designed marketing literature, advertisements and exhibition stand



And others:

    The premises acquired for many thousands of pounds but where the vendor may have been dishonest about compliance with fire safety regulations  - currently a legal case to recover lost capital and reclaim lost profits. The client is a Sole Trader.      
    The used-car dealer struggling with no information in a declining market - now he has a modern accounting system and additional income streams      
    Internet software marketing - a start-up owner-managed company. Brian Symonds raised firstly £500,000 equity funding and a £100,000 bank loan, followed later by additional equity through a rights issue, and for a two-year period he was Finance Director and Company Secretary.  The founder and Chief Executive of the company has since referred further work to Healden Grove (Wyvern).      

Then there was the ice-cream parlour for a dairy farmer, the best shop across five counties for wood-burning stoves, the oak-frame windows, the independent water company, an airport transfers business . . . . . and many more over 18 years.

There are spin-off benefits too  :  at an antiquarian book-seller the proprietor had established a company but never filed two years of VAT returns. Not only did Brian Symonds recover more than £12,000, the business was left with a wonderful accounting system and the fellow's "other half" trained in many aspects of book-keeping.